Golf Trolley Wheels and Tyres


We keep in stock a wide selection of wheels for various electric golf trolleys including:
  • Motocaddy wheels
  • Motocaddy winter wheels
  • Powakaddy standard wheels
  • Powakaddy pneumatic wheels
  • Powakaddy sport wheels
  • Fraser wheels
  • Fraser pneumatic wheels
  • Golf Glider wheels
  • Topcart Wheels

Electric Golf Trolley Wheels


We also keep in stock replacement tyres for various electric golf trolleys including:
  • Powakaddy Freeway Sport
  • Topcart multi spoked wheel
  • Fraser multi spoked wheel (from 2010)
  • Golf Glider Micro Lite
The low profile tyres used on the trolleys above have a tendency after a while to split, which then become noisy, unsightly and in some cases unusable.
By fitting new tyres we can transform your wheels
From this: 

To this: