Hedgehog Wheels

Genuine World Famous Hedgehog golf trolley wheels

Hedgehog Wheels

Now in stock for both Motocaddy and Powakaddy electric golf trolleys.

This specially designed set of 3 winter wheels (two side and one front) will help you to extend your golf trolley season and help protect the golf course. Many clubs will insist on these wheels during wet weather conditions especially over winter. 
Easy to fit, simply slip off your existing wheels and slide the new ones on. The front wheel will need to be undone by means of a bolt. Fitting instructions supplied.

How they work
Normal trolley wheels compact and smear the turf in wet conditions and burn the grass in frosty conditions. 
The parabolic studs of the Hedgehog reduce contact with the soil surface by over 75% and glide over the surface leaving little or no impression and therefore inflict little or no damage.
Rather than imposing a full trolley ban during the winter, many clubs are now using a 'restricted' trolley ban, where trolleys fitted with Hedgehog fairway protectors are allowed to be used.
The reduced resistance makes your trolley easier to use in all conditions, and can get the most from your battery due to virtually no wheel spin.
Can be left on your golf trolley throughout the whole year.
Price: £79.99